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Preserving the Earth is a legacy we must pass on to our children. Coffee from certified organic agriculture is our small contribution to a better world. Without sacrificing the great and simple pleasure in life: perfect Italian espresso.


Our roasting is certified by one of the most important Italian organisations. We happily comply with the strictest European standards to ensure the best for our customers.


ORGANIC COFFEE: Taste and Respect.
These are the values that underlie our coffee blends from organically farmed coffee. The Bio versions of Mild are available.
Identical quality and result in the cup. Our Roasting is accredited for our processing of organic products.

SUMATRA LINGTONG: Organic Arabica coffee from Lingtong County, at an altitude of 1500 m. It is treated using the natural demi washed technique, absolutely free of fungicide
and other chemicals. Lingtong coffee is very valuable and not alwaysavailable. It is a creamy and stout coffee with moderate acidity,
with a chocolate and citrus after-taste.

GUATEMALA: Washed arabica coffee, grown about 1,500m. Positive and balanced acidity in the cup. Moderate body followed by floral hints and clean fruited notes. Lingering clean aftertaste.


ORZO: Ground barley, upon request with anise flavour, for moka coffee-makers,
or just steep it in water like tea.

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CIALDE BIO: Taste and Respect in pods.

E.S.E(Easy Serving Espresso) system
For those who want perfect coffee at home or work.
Creamy espresso blend of coffees from verified ecological plantations.

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