Perfero epicurean

Along with the best coffee selections we have decided to also offer cocoa and cocoa beans.

Cocoa beans

Roasted cocoa beans with sharp, extraordinarily fine after-taste with a little bitterness. We recommend it to those who prefer dark chocolate.
It is a natural Trinitario kind, originated from Lago di Maracaibo County. These are the best cocoa beans in the world.

fave di cacao-perfero caffè
The beans are top grade (F1 international grade) and fermented, with excellent Criollo (the rarest of cocoa beans). This natural product is roasted in the best tradition, bringing pleasure to the palate.

perfero fave di cacao

Notably, the Aztecs and Mayans considered it very important for its antioxidant qualities.

Cacao amaro solubile perfero


The top quality organic cocoa-powder is made of checked ecologica cultivated cocoa beans, without sugar.

For your greedy moments…